Let me introduce myself, I’m the Egyptian, German Egyptian, from way up north in the hinterlands of the diocese, Rich has asked me to contribute from time to time about the goings on up here, in the rural parishes, the Land of the Cross Tipped Churches if you will,  I tend to be a bit of a political animal so some cino’s may be scourged from time to time. I also tend to like posting pictures on occasion, there are some beautiful churches up here that escaped wreckovation somewhat unscathed, and some total wrecks to expose

I am the married father of five, the youngest in heaven, sometimes I feel his prayers for me are my only hope, God I miss him, it’s been 9 years,  oh well.  In some consolation I have been blessed with my first Grandchild, a girl, yes, she is perfect, at least to me

Being an organic dairy farmer my schedule is nuts so my postings may be sporadic but with luck who knows, I may post on the farm once in a while, sometimes I feel closer to God delivering a new calf than in church. I cannot see how an atheist can be a farmer, there is too much wonder in front of you day after day, how a tiny seed can come in contact with soil, what many out there call dirt, sprout and become a plant that in turn nourishes a cow and produces milk and calves and beef and so on. And then the end product, manure ( I did say end) nourishes the soil and starts the whole process all over again. Live this life and tell me there is not a God, yeah right.

oh and Nancy, stick a sock in it will ya please       http://www.lifenews.com/2011/11/21/pelosi-bashes-catholics-they-have-this-conscience-thing/

Rich, on that only saying things that you would say in your living room thing, you haven’t ever been in my living room, fair warning ;>)