The Bible begins with the phrase, “In the beginning…”  (Gen. 1:1)  Could there possibly be a better introduction to a piece of writing?

As a linear thinker and writer, I suppose I could take the introduction to Genesis as a kind of divine endorsement of my tendency to–well–start in the beginning of any given topic, and then to work my way through that topic in excruciating detail.

But doing so would be self-indulgently selective, and would ignore the fact that one of the most profound sentences ever written was “Jesus wept.”  (John 11:35)

So, in an effort to provide a little bit of context for my writing on this blog while being mindful of the need for brevity, here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I am a lifelong Catholic who (re-)discovered the splendor of our faith and the gift of God’s grace in our lives in my mid-20s after several years of lukewarmness that began during my time as a student at a nominally “Catholic” university.
  • I am a husband, father, and lawyer.
  • I was a regular reader of Rich’s blog beginning in 2007 and I am excited about joining this new blogging endeavor.

That’s enough about me.  Time to get to real content.