Glad Rich got this thing going! I am a Cincinnatian in exile, of course now the exile part has gone on for more years than I lived in the city….Still, both my wife and I have plenty of family in Cincinnati, so we get back there occasionally.

My job on this blog is to pass along unsubstantiated rumors we hear from our family, no, just kidding. I would like to comment on positive developments in particular. Some of those might be from our current location in the Diocese of Memphis, Tenn. It actually is not sunny here right now. When it rains, it really rains here.

According to information at Fr. Z’s blog a few years ago, this Diocese was not too Summorum Pontificum friendly, or at least our Bishop (+J. Terry Steib, SVD) wasn’t too thrilled by the motu proprio. And yet, we have been to Latin Masses in three different parishes, said by four different priests. My wife thinks it’s 5 priests, but I have lost count. There is also an active Catholic homeschooling group we participate in, so Memphis is a good place for tradition minded Catholics.

I hope the TLM is doing well in Cincinnati too. A big shout out to any and all alumni of the late great Ss. Peter and Paul in Norwood!

John Murray