After first walking readers through the highlights of the generally discredited and specifically non-authoritative 25-year-old pastoral letter from the bishops conference, “Economic Justice for All,” then falsely claiming that the Church “acknowledges the positives” of socialism, and later omitting subsidiarity from his list of the central moral principles of Catholic social teaching, Atonement-denier Ken Overberg, S.J., of Cincinnati’s Xavier University provides readers of the latest Catholic Update with a ridiculous examination of conscience:

About whom do you have strong negative feelings—terrorists, undocumented immigrants, politicians? … Does our economic system place more emphasis on maximizing profits than on meeting human needs and fostering human dignity? Does it promote excessive materialism and individualism? Does it adequately protect the environment and the nation’s natural resources? Does it direct too many scarce resources to military purposes?

Publisher St. Anthony Messenger Press helpfully informs us “each issue [of Catholic Update] carries an imprimatur from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.”

In the event you have missed my regular fisks of Overberg’s error-ridden homilies, here is how he prepared the flock at Bellarmine Chapel for the new translation:

Many people are frustrated with today’s hierarchical tendencies and the hypocrisy of power in our Church. The ICEL affair with the new translations and the abuse scandals have certainly highlighted this. …

Returning to a familiar theme, he also reminds the Bellarministas that that “the experience of Matthew’s community has been added as an extra layer on top of Jesus’” in the words of the Gospel.