David A. inspired me with his introduction to make my own.


My name is Eric Wilson. I grew up in Hamilton. I married a good Catholic girl at St. Peter in Chains (Hamilton not the Cathedral) . Two years later I was baptized, received  Communion and Confirmation at the same parish.

I have been married 22 years, have four children (all home schooled)  and am starting my fourth career.

My second career had me in many places in and around Cincy. I frequented daily mass at many places in the archdiocese. That career ended when P&G sent many jobs to Costa Rica.

I was unemployed for over a year before deciding to go into the Catholic Bookstore business (my third career).  After some market research we chose to open our store in Batesville Indiana. Six years later I opened a second store in Hamilton. Unfortunately that was the beginning of the recession and the beginning of the end of my third career. That store closed less than two years later and about the same time I moved my Indiana store down the hill into Oldenburg. We did somewhat better in Oldenburg but it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole I had dug and we closed that store June 1, 2011.

I guess Rich thought I could add something to this adventure so here I am. I had lots of time while self employed to blog. I have followed Rich’s blog for at least 8 years. I have considerably less time now to blog but hope I can add something. I enjoy debating online because I am not a quick thinker and having to type replies gives me time to form my thoughts.

I currently attend the Latin mass at Sts. Philomena & Cecilia in Oak Forest Indiana. Like many others at Sts. P&C I fit our informal motto, ” vini vidi velcro.” I came, I saw, I stuck around. I had no knowledge of the Latin mass before going to one shortly after it came to our area. I dragged my wife to it several weeks later after an assurance from the priest that she wasn’t required to wear a (as she put it) “doily” on her head. After mass I could tell she was hooked. We went back to our NO parish the next week (actually the next day, to daily mass) and she was more dissatisfied than usual.  Within a month she obtained a doily (luckily I knew a good Catholic store) and the rest is history. My boys greatly enjoy serving mass and my daughter and wife sing in the choir.

I am currently an auto worker. Luckily a good Japanese auto maker was hiring recently in our area and I obtained a job. I have been on third shift for a couple of weeks so now it’s 3:32 Sunday morning and my body thinks it should be up making bumpers. The good thing about factory work is I can eat anything I like now. The calories get burned.

My former handle was Eric in Rich’s comments. You will see me as EWil812. 812 being the area code I live in, just outside the western border of archCincy, where the air is clean and the sede is currently vacante. If only you Buckeyes were so lucky.

I don’t have a picture, but I do have a hat almost exactly like David’s.