I post this with a heavy heart, Our organist was found dead of apparent suicide. He was a kind man, our award winning high school band director of at least 15 years, retired from band because of migraine headaches, went on to teach 3rd grade for another 10 years, He and his wife adopted 2 daughters from Russia, he converted to Catholicism after being our organist for almost 6 years, he wrote and edited our parish history, went from 40 pages to over 400,  the man could make the huge pipe organ at St John sing, he oversaw the rebuilding of that organ and turned it into one of the premier instruments in a four county area and he was intimate with “all the stops”  He was 56 years old and been in education all his life, most of it here in our public school, out of the blue some one accused him of sexual impropriety but not at school, he was hauled up to the sheriffs office booked and bailed out his face plastered in the local paper. I personally can not believe the charges, after all these years spent in the presence of minors I would believe if there was a problem it would have surfaced years ago. The charges (right or wrong), I believe trumped up, so depressed him that he drowned himself the next morning in the pond at the retreat center in front of the 40 ft tall crucifix. As someone who has looked deeply into that hole after the accidental death of my 3 year old son, let me tell you it is a warm place at first beckoning you to be at peace and to spare others but the more you look it becomes frightening, you can almost hear Satan laugh. God have mercy on his soul.