The Worship office for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has prepared an Advent Penance Service to assist parishes this time of year. The good news is it isn’t terrible and the inclusion of new responses from the new translation, e.g., “And with your spirit,” “through my most grievous fault,” elevate the language. The bad news is the spoken Examination of Conscience is weak. One section leads with “Have I failed to be patient and understanding?” Really? You’d have to show a stunning lack of patience to sin mortally. Recognize that this may be the only time many penitents will obtain the sacrament all year. It isn’t that complicated; simply review the Commandments one-by-one in light of Church teaching. Perhaps there’s a reluctance to address sensitive matters, e.g., those pertaining to the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, in such a setting. If that’s the case, one would hope a solid examen handout is given to penitents on the way in. (There is no mention of any.) Here’s a decent version I found online.