In Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput has recently issued a pastoral letter preparing the faithful for difficult times to come.  The numerous challenges facing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are certainly not challenges of the Archbishop’s making–he was only recently chosen to move from Denver to the City of Brotherly Love by Pope Benedict–but it appears that he intends to assume the difficult burden of addressing his new Archdiocese’s deep problems with sober zeal.

Given that many of the problems Archbishop Chaput intends to address can be found in other dioceses around the country, including even Cincinnati, the following words from Archbishop Chaput’s pastoral letter are worth keeping in mind:

Complacency is the enemy of faith. To whatever degree complacency and pride once had a home in our local Church, events in the coming year will burn them out. The process will be painful. But going through it is the only way to renew the witness of the Church; to clear away the debris of human failure from the beauty of God’s word and to restore the joy and zeal of our Catholic discipleship.

These words seem appropriate not just for new bishops–who would be hard pressed to find a better modern role model than Archbishop Chaput–but for each of us as we examine our hearts and consciences this Advent.

“Complacency is the enemy of faith.”