In a tendentious homily for the students and parishioners at Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel, which begins with the breathless claims that Jesus’ followers “re-interpreted” John the Baptist in a way somehow contrary to John’s followers and that the author of Second Peter is simply “unknown,” Ken Overberg, S.J., quotes a lengthy passage from Vatican-censured theologian Karl Rahner about “a body [within the Church] something like Her Majesty’s Opposition,” a “divinely-willed opposition to all that is merely human in the Church and her official representatives.” The context is the new translation, and this is Overberg’s typical — and typically cowardly — way of enlisting others to give voice to his dissent.

When he arrived in 2009 Archbishop Schnurr claimed “youth ministry” would be a priority of his episcopate. Yet two years later, Xavier University’s students are still marinating in a toxic mix of bad scriptural exegesis, partisan social justice, flagrant liturgical abuse, and outright heresy (denying the merits of Christ’s salvific action on the cross is heretical) without so much as a peep from His Excellency or his chancery. In the event +Schnurr does take an interest and seeks a meeting with Overberg, it ought to be easy enough for him to get an introduction; the head of his Social Action office is a proud Bellarmine parishioner.

Factum non verbum.