In a recent conversation with a friend of mine the topic came up about enthusiasm, he compared Catholics to protestants, where is our fire and zeal. His take was that Priests are not getting people fired up enough and thought that sermons were the place to do it that priests were lacking in their ability to get the crowd in the Amen spirit, so many prots seem to be on fire, (my original idea behind the Tebow post gone awry, RIP). However the more I ruminate on the topic I come up with a problem, is the Halleluiah say amen brother style appropriate  for Catholic worship?  After reading Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, by Brant Pitre and Scott Hahn I have my doubts, seems to me prostrate and trembling would be more in order. The Queen of England is not greeted in court with shouts but quiet respect, is not the Lord of us all due as much or more.  When you really think about it the “sign of Peace ” is really out of place isn’t it.  To use the sermon to raise the roof is totally out of place and not proper. After all the Mass is not a Praise the Lord barn burner it is WORSHIP, or at least should be, but it has become about us, Priest and people facing each other with God in the background or even in another room. Am, I off base? let me know


PS. I recommend the book, quite interesting. My friend is a Catholic, probably a better one than me, lives in Toledo diocese, and really lives his faith