“You have no solution to the abortion debate because you want government(of which you hate) to move into the home and doctor’s office. Your rhetoric is no solution, it just gives you a sounding board. You just have to figure out what you hate more Dave, the mother who aborts, or the single mother who gives birth and goes on welfare. This only gives you self-righteous cover to hate both.  Besides, hasn’t the Catholic Church done enough abusing of children?
Redwoods forests, old growth forests, Giant Sequoia etc. Taking government money is Commie? Give it all back Dave and make sure you stay off the commie roads.”
I need a snappy comeback to shut this guy up, I am so sick of the left’s constant use of the abuse scandal to shut up any catholic. This guy is a friend of mine in the dairy business, we get along well at business meetings and agree on the business 99 percent of the time, but we are also on a discussion list and the constant reply to anything is SHUT UP, your priests are sex addicts and so you cannot talk
Any ideas out there