Friend and commenter Gail F. has a snappy letter in the Cincinnati Enquirer about a page one story in last Sunday’s print edition on Pope Benedict’s unwillingness to resign from the papacy:

Now that we’ve heard the news that Pope Benedict XVI won’t be stepping down, I breathlessly await the similar front-page stories that President Barack Obama will not resign, the Dalai Lama will not make way for another, newer incarnation of himself, and Queen Elizabeth still won’t give the throne to Charles. Come to think of it, these exciting stories could use up column inches on the front page for weeks! It’s a good thing nothing important is happening anywhere in the world.

Likewise, I’m glad The Enquirer decided to include Frank Bruni’s column. It’s nice to know that Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are arrogant in a bad way, but President Obama is arrogant in a good way. I never knew there was a good way to be arrogant, but I guess if one’s arrogance is based on “his eloquence as a writer, thinker, symbol and story,” it must be okay. Mr. Bruni seems to be going for the same thing, but unfortunately he’s only got the arrogant part down.