Merry Christmas every one, busy here at the farm, holidays mean extra work since we and the help have places to go besides Mass , two of my best helpers are brothers who have full time jobs, one comes in the morning before his second shift job and the other one after his first shift job in the evening and my nephew and godchild comes when he can after high school except when he runs the kitchen in a local restaurant three nights a week.  Well they all have family parties to go to Sunday and Monday, My dear wife and I will gather with our 3 children who are still at home this evening and share gifts, Then off to bed and 5:30 am milking followed by Mass at 9:00 am then a 45 mile drive  to my wife’s family party, non of whom are from the farm and after 26 years of marriage still cannot get over the fact that I and the kids have to be home by 5 pm to do the  evening milking and chores, Then our married daughter and her husband and our “perfect granddaughter” will be here and we will share gifts again, Monday morning some of the help will be here and then we will be off to my side of the families party and the process repeats. Did I mention my 76 year old father is in the barn every morning and evening, says it keeps him active. God bless my mother, she was hospitalized with intestinal problems the night of the 22nd and was released today, so she will be at the family party on Monday, Thank Heavens.


I will need a vacation from the holidays the way things are going.


On a light note how about all of us posting pictures of our churches and homes Christmas cribs and displays.

Here is St John, from two years ago I will update if changed, the kid in front of the crib is Bob the wonder child,,,,,, he really makes me wonder ;>)