I’m Suburban Banshee, from up in the Dayton area. Rich asked me to join this blog a while back, but I’ve been lurking/lazy thus far.

I thought people should know that, courtesy of the California university system, you can read or download a book (part of a University of Louvain series) entitled, The History of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, 1821-1921, by John H. Lamott. (He was a history professor over at Mount St Mary’s.)

There’s a very nice frontispiece of the Cathedral, as well as pictures of various archbishops, churches, maps, etc. It’s extensively indexed and has many informative appendices of historical documents and deeds to early Ohio church property, and even includes lists of priests and their dates of ordination. There’s a huge bibliography and list of living sources in the foreword. But mostly, there’s several hundred pages of history written from primary sources. Those of us who didn’t get bupkis in Ohio History about anything Catholic that happened in this state will be comprehensively filled in.

This book has been online since at least 2008, so it’s high time for folks around here to give it more attention. For pretty much everyone, names like Fenwick, Elder, and the rest are names of schools, not of inspirational people. We have no idea of which saints used to dwell in the bounds of our archdiocese, either. If we don’t know how we got here, how can we find the way to go on?

We also can learn from the cautionary tale of the financial problems of Archbishop Purcell, which may well explain a lot about how parishes have done things in this archdiocese. Disasters and scandals aren’t the sole property of our own time.