An XU poli-sci major and proud St. X alum looks back on four hope-filled years:

Four years ago this week, I sat in my basement watching the results of the Iowa Caucus where Senator Barack Obama won. I was just beginning to get interested in politics from my government class at St. Xavier High School. That night for me was a moment of hope and four years later I am still hoping. As I watch the candidates in this year’s Iowa Caucus, I see a message that talks about a small America; an America where everyone is on their own and left to fend for themselves. That is not the America I believe in. I believe in an America that is connected, that falls and rises together as one nation. Obama made a lot of promises that night and he has kept them. He got us out of an unjust war in Iraq, he passed affordable healthcare for all, he ended ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ he stopped another Great Depression, and put regulations on Wall Street. Those actions allow me to continue to hope today as a Political Science Major at Xavier University for a better future for myself and all of America.