For your viewing pleasure the parish of my youth, St Joesph, Egypt. In my childhood the manger scene covered the entire St Joesph altar, top to bottom, a star fit on the very top and the rest was covered with a speckle painted canvas that was sculpted with props and boxes to look like hills, sheep and shepherds covered everything. and miniature trees and shrubs completed it. It looks like some of the figurines survived the VII crazed priest we were inflicted with in the 70’s. much of the scene was destroyed or thrown out, the wood stable put in the basement, we were told it was a distraction,  his presence at the altar was to be the focal point so the Holy Family was set in front of the altar and that was it, I almost cried, as a child I looked forward to the crib scene, it just didn’t seem like Christmas without it. Oh yeah, that is a confessional, a real confessional, a solid brick one at that, a bump out in the wall to the outside and believe me cold as “hell” in the winter, the priest had a tiny steam radiator under his seat on his side. The window pictured has to do with the name of the parish, the now long gone convent close by was called “Marys Flight” as in Marys  flight into “Egypt”.  I’ll explain some other time