Fr. Al Hirt, OFM, pastor of Cincinnati’s St. Monica-St. George parish, delivered a five-part series of talks on the new translation for his flock.   As locals can tell you, St. Monica-St. George is renowned for its liturgical “creativity” and serves as home to the Newman Center for Catholic students at the University of Cincinnati. The good news is that most of the talks are fairly straightforward. He explains the reasons for the changes and encourages his flock to embrace them. But, this being St. Monica-St. George, Fr. Hirt can’t resist crowing in talk #2 about how ahead of the curve he and his fellow priests have been in their use of “inclusive” [read: illicit] language at Mass:

The tendency of the translation we have been using was to almost always address God as Father, but now the new translation gives a wider reference to God. Of course, here at St. Monica-St. George a more inclusive language has always been a preference, and we priests have felt a freedom to be flexible with the God language and I’m sure we will continue in that mode, now even in better step with the trend of this new translation.