Last of the Christmas stuff, really.

First we have St Sebastian parish, in St Sebastian of course, another jewel box

Next Holy Trinity in Coldwater, a nicely updated church, the altars seem to be in an art deco style, but still very nice

and last, this is my favorite roadside display, set out on Guadalupe Road near St Johns road, all life size and home made, the stable is built on a trailer it is so big, usually set back in the trees further I believe they set it close because of the muddy conditions this year, this woods is a calf pasture during the summer, how appropriate, the wise men just showed up Thursday for their annual engagement, I guess you call this folk art.

I apologize for my rant last post, sometimes I get emotional, this is the view I see every morning as I finish milking.

that is St Joesph with the little dome steeple, my great-great grandfather gave the land for the church and helped build it, the white barn behind it was his home place so I have ties