SCOTUS Unanimous For Religious Freedom

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Don’t know how many of you were following this but be glad common sense prevailed, In questioning the “Justice” dept agreed that this case would and should be used to force the ordination of women and gays under anti discrimination laws.

Say a prayer for our court they need it

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A Huge Victory for Religious Liberty, and a Huge Defeat for the Obama Justice Department

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and a quote

“The Obama administration unsuccessfully argued that the government can dictate who churches hire, as long as it also subjects secular employers to the same dictates regarding who they hire (so-called rules of general applicability). Taken to its logical conclusion, this argument would allow the government to ban a church or synagogue from hiring based on religion (defeating the whole purpose of religious freedom, which is to allow churches to promote their own religion) or sex (preventing the Catholic Church from having a male priesthood)No Supreme Court justice bought the administration’s argument, made on behalf of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Supreme Court unanimously found that such government control over who churches can hire would violate the religion clauses of the First Amendment.”