In an earlier post about Xavier University, a few commenters discussed why bishops are so reluctant to confront Jesuit institutions in their midst.  While it seems the reasons are varied and murky, what is clear is that federal authorities operate under no such inhibitions.  From this morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

Federal authorities are investigating whether Xavier University discriminated against two students who filed sexual assault claims.

Among the charges: Former student Kalyn Burgio and her family say Xavier Dean of Students Luther Smith “negotiated on behalf of the accused” when he told Burgio in November 2010 that the student accused of assault, Sean Marron, would leave Xavier immediately if she would drop her assault claim.

“Even though I said no twice, he said, ‘I’d like you to think about it for 48 hours,’” Burgio said in an interview.

“You declined that offer,” Smith e-mailed to Burgio in early December. “If you are now interested in that arrangement, I would need to determine with Sean if that offer still remains on the table.” …