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There’s a poorly edited promotional  story in this week’s edition of the Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati:

Archbishop John Baptist Purcell served the archdiocese for 50 years, from 1833-53. During those years, explained Father Hussey, he “helped a numerically small diocese develop into a large and distinguished archdiocese.”

“He was a skillful and eloquent defender of his faith [i]n debates, speeches, pastoral letters and newspaper articles,” said Father Hussey. “He was an Irish bishop in a largely German city and functioned so capably in that role that the Catholic Church in Cincinnati was virtually free of ethnic tensions.”

As the bishop in city on the border between the North and South, “he struggled to move beyond the merely political and economic aspects of slavery and was able to vigorously defend President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation,” Father Hussey noted. “At the First Council of the Vatican, he ably, though unavailingly, argued against the opportuneness of defining papal infallibility. By reason of seniority, he was then the dean of the American hierarchy.”

UPDATE. The Diocese of Rochester might consider releasing an e-book version of the late Fr. Robert McNamara’s history of the diocese. I know I’d buy it.