I was at the Maria Stein Retreat center a while back, the staff were setting up for a retreat for a Jesuit High School from Cincinnati, this was the setting they insisted on for Mass. Guess the Chapel down the hall was just to uninspiring for them,


Thats what I get for being in hurry, posting between chores just is not a good idea

let me try again, The sisters had removed the pews from the chapel and replaced them with a semicircle of cushy chair, a portable altar on wheels was set up on a side wall and the tabernacle was on a plant stand in the corner. When the new ownership, a nonprofit, took over they restored the chapel with used pews and so on.  It strikes me as sad that the portable altar and cushy chairs are back, with all the encouragement of the Holy Father for reverence and dignity in the Mass, a Jesuit school drags out the 70’s anyway


Yeah the chapel is modern, 60’s Swiss Chalet modern, but still I believe it is more appropriate than a meeting room with chairs