Yesterday saw over a hundred thousand people converge on Washington DC, for the annual March for Life. Contrary to any admission by the mainstream media, it is the largest annual protest to occur in the Nation’s capital. It is also one of the least contentious, at least for those who participate.

This writer decided (once again) to stay out of the rain this year, and attend the annual ProLifeCon at the Family Research Council headquarters. This was the seventh annual gathering of pro-life bloggers and social media activists. Among the speakers were Jill Stanek (, Lila Rose (President, LiveAction), Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO), Collin Raye (country music recording artist and pro-life spokesman), and a host of others. If you have three hours to kill, you can watch a recording of the webcast here, or check the transcript of this writer’s annual “Twitcast” by clicking here.

As we mentioned earlier, the press will attempt to deny that which is right in front of them, but you don’t have to. This last video clip is a time lapse of last year’s March, produced by Air Maria. An hour and a half is condensed into one minute. Do the head count for yourself, and decide for yourself.

By the way, it rained in DC for most of the day THIS year. That didn’t seem to keep people away.