A local attorney who shelled out $3,000 in 2008 for the “Obama Victory Fund” is shilling for Obama’s assault on religious freedom in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

Under the guise of defending religious liberty, Archbishop Schnurr actually is seeking recognition of a special right for all institutions affiliated with the Catholic Church – the right, not enjoyed by any other employers, to withhold contraceptive insurance coverage from female employees (whether Catholic or not), forcing such women to pay more of their own money for contraceptives (on average, about $325 per year).

This is merely a new verse to an old song. Ever since the FDA approved “the pill” 55 years ago, Catholic bishops have campaigned against contraceptives, branding women immoral for using them and doctors immoral for prescribing them. That campaign failed, even among Catholic women, 98 percent of whom use contraceptives. Now the Catholic hierarchy sees a new opportunity to punish contraceptive use by making it more costly for every woman working at any Catholic institution.

If the government gives in to the Catholic hierarchy’s demand for this special right, these women will have become real second-class citizens. As a practicing Catholic, I urge the government to stand firmly on the side of these women. All women, no matter where they work, deserve equal access to preventive health services, including contraceptives, which are prescribed daily not only for birth control but also for myriad of other women’s health issues.