Excommunicate the Bishops.

I read this on the red state blog, I will not post the contents here, go to the link and read, warning this man has verbalized the total frustration and anger of many Catholics in the USA.  I believe his point needs to be expressed to total hierarchy of the church, and also addressed to the Magisterium of Nuns as well.

Be sure to open his link to his earlier post it help make sense of his current rant

Now a quote

“It was easy to sell out the unborn, wasn’t it? To just wish away an infallible teaching that — let’s be honest — has been such a headache since a Catholic Supreme Court Justice helped its mass breaking, and Catholic Democrats abandoned everything else to protect that breach, right? To let others commit a sin that our Church treats as so grave that it incurs the automatic sanction of excommunication? All in return for a goal you’ve shared with your Democrat masters since the 1940s — a chance to drive healthcare costs through the roof with the fig leaf of social caring. All so you could work with the sorts of people who are elected to office by publicly calling you theocrats and misogynists for more-or-less upholding the two-thousand-year-old Tradition of our Church.

Thirty pieces of silver must buy one Hell of a lot more for you than it does for me.”

Just read it,

you wonder why I use a nom de plume : )