Catholics (and non-Catholics) in the Miami Valley woke up this morning only to find on the front page of the Dayton Daily News the following information from the University of Dayton’s propagandist-in-chief Teri Rizvi :

“Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our institution’s mission, but, in light of the importance of the health of our employees and the prevention of disease, we entered into these [insurance] plans [in order to provide contraception and sterilization],” said Teri Rizvi, UD’s associate vice president for communications. “We are not changing our employee health care insurance coverage.

Rizvi said the coverage has been in place for at least 20 years

“The university is aligned with the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities’ position, which supports a balance between health care and religious freedom…”

The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities said it is “encouraged” by Obama’s compromise

Now, compare UD’s media response to His Excellency Dennis Schnurr Archbishop of Cincinnati’s letter to the archdiocese on 26 January 2012.

Respectful thoughts on this matter can be sent to His Excellency at the following:

Archbishop Schnurr refers in his letter to the violation of the conscience of Catholics.  What is up with UD’s conscience?  Do members of UD’s leadership have any?

Anyway, still no word yet from E. Eight Street in downtown Cincy…

Hattip: OTRITT reader/commentor- Greg

I found the following from the Cardinal Newman Society regarding the Congressional hearing yesterday on religious liberty.  Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings pointed to the above fact from a list of Catholic colleges provided to him by the pro-abortion National Women’s Law Centter, in response to Bishop William Lori’s testimony before the House Committee.

It’s worth noting several Catholic universities on the list directly contradict the UD communication director’s claim that UD must carry contraceptive and sterilizations for purposes of birth control because their insurers are unable to make a distinction between contraception for medical reasons and contraception for birth control.  However, several universities on the list supposedly are able to seperate these from their plans. They claim not to provide these products/services for purposes of birth control in their insurance plans.  Either UD is full of it, or sounds like they need new insurers.  Their apparent unfaithfulness in regards to these matters is now being used as a weapon by liberals against Archbishop Schnurr and his fellow bishops in an attempt to curb religious liberty.