Photo from "the Rubi Girls" website.

Recently, a scandal has erupted in San Diego, where the Catholic college known as the University of San Diego is set to hold a Drag Show this Wednesday.

OTRITT readers may wish to know that on the Friday after Ash Wednesday, February 24th 2012, the local (occasionally) Catholic college known as the University of Dayton hosted a “LGBT Short Film Festival” in conjunction with a local drag queen troupe known as the “Rubi Girls.”  The mission statement of the UD arts program that put on the event states, “Through its unique environment and broad range of programs designed to serve students of all majors, ArtStreet fosters student-generated creative initiatives, faculty and student engagement, exploration of the arts and cultural diversity, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and interaction between UD and the Dayton community, to connect living and learning both within and outside of the classroom setting.”