…and thank-you to Rich for inviting me to contribute to this blog. Hopefully this will post as “Torkay,” but my real name is John Ingram, known to some as the former writer of “The Flying Buttress” newsletter.Since the conclusion of that effort in 2009, I have continued to deepen my embrace of Tradition, and now attend Our Lady of the Assumption SSPX parish in Walton, KY (actually, a chapel and Priory – a parish is a territory). The church was formerly located in Northside under the name of St. Pius X, but moved south to our new building during Advent 2010, after our boiler failed. You may visit us here: http://assumptionchurch.net/About.aspx  or, of course, in person!

Needless to say, I am looking forward with great anticipation to the regularization of the Society, and will do my best to not only defend the Church through this venue, but to dispel the numerous myths and falsehoods about the SSPX which seem to abound in the post-Conciliar Church. But please don’t think of me as an expert….

A blessed and happy Octave of Easter to one and all!