For those, including “Father Z,” who claim that the priests of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) are “suspended a divinis” and thus have no priestly faculties, perhaps this excerpt from a newly posted article on The Remnant will help:

“On 6th May 1975 came the pretended suppression of the Society of Saint Pius X by the new Bishop of Fribourg; this itself was against Canon Law since once a bishop has established a new religious society only Rome can suppress it (Can. 493). Archbishop Lefebvre appealed this decision; he was told that the Pope would take the matter in his own hands; he appealed again, asking for the documentary proof of such an assertion. That second appeal was simply filed and never answered (upon pressure of Cardinal Villot). Cardinal Villot wrote on 27th October 1975 that the Society of Saint Pius X had ceased to exist and thus no support could be given it by local bishops. However, since such suppression is not valid until the appeal is judged, in truth the Society of Saint Pius X continued in existence. Up until then, even the letter of the Canon Law was in favour of Archbishop Lefebvre.”

It may also help the parish priest down at All Saints Church in Walton, KY, right across I-75 from our SSPX chapel, who, so we’ve heard, has told his parishioners that attending the Traditional Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption does not fulfill their Sunday obligation. Really? Then I suppose Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos and Msgr. Camille Perl don’t know what they are talking about.