Despite a lot of fighting against it by Julienne alumnae over the last few years, the city of Dayton has started to demolish the old Julienne High School building. The Dayton Daily News has a photo gallery.

Julienne High School, a girl’s high school run by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, was originally founded in 1886 as “Notre Dame Academy,” in a building right across the street from Emmanuel Parish. Enrollment got to be so big that, in 1927, the sisters built Julienne High School over in the Five Oaks area. Girls from all over the Dayton area attended, including some non-Catholics.

But then Vatican II and the Seventies’ bad economy hit, and the Five Oaks area was on the edge of dangerous. So enrollment plunged drastically from the big baby boomer days. Julienne High School merged with Chaminade High School (a boys’ high school run by the Marianists) back in 1973. Chaminade actually was founded to use the old Notre Dame Academy building, so in a way Julienne was just coming home.

Julienne High School’s building was sold to a Christian school group, which eventually sold to Dayton Schools, which never did do anything much with it. I imagine they will be either selling the property or building something new there. Either way, a big part of history is gone.

Here’s the website for Chaminade Julienne High School (aka CJ).