The website for the LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) is down. Down like a clown with a frown. Don’t know if it got hacked, if the server got hammered by interested people looking it up, if somebody didn’t pay the ISP bill, or if the bishops ordered it taken down… but it’s down.

The Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity still have copies on their website of the last few LCWR newsletters, including the one mentioning Barbara Marx Hubbard as the main speaker for their next conference. (Fr. Z filled us in on just how crazed, non-Catholic, and opposed to Catholicism this woman is.) Scroll down to read them.

Man, must be nice to be so steeped in holy poverty as to have a color newsletter. (I’m okay with color newsletters for giving out to donors, because that’s marketing. Sending out professional newsletters that only go to other religious orders, I don’t see the point.) An aesthetically fluffy newsletter, at that.

UPDATE: CatholicBuckeye says it’s back up, but their site certificate is outdated. So you’ll get a warning, but it should be safe to click through. (I think they have a site certificate because of the member login section mentioned in their newsletters.)