This morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer reports that a first-ever study of archdiocesan schools revealed a $15 million deficit, closed mainly by dollars from parish reserves. The story lists some of the remedies under consideration:

Catholic leaders for more than a year have been grappling with a variety of strategies to improve Catholic schools’ outlook. Among options under discussion:

• Creating ways all parishes – not just those with schools – can support Catholic education.

• Directing new funds to financial aid and scholarships, rather than to specific schools or parishes.

• Arming parishes with information so they can set tuition low enough to attract more students.

“We’re facing some new challenges,” said Jim Rigg, superintendent of the 113 schools and 42,200 students in the archdiocese. “It may become a crisis if we don’t implement some type of strategic vision for the future.”

Allow me suggest a fourth strategy: tithing. It worked wonders in Wichita.