After some thought, (for me a time consuming effort), I have a question brought on by Fr Fox’s comment to a previous post chastising us for little respect to Sisters. I will yield the fact that the Sisters are consecrated persons, brides of Christ if you will, However some of the brides seem to have forgotten their “husband”.  As evidence I post these blog links from Fr Z, just what respect exactly do we owe these Sisters, I am asking out of  concern.

I also recommend

the slow descent into relativism and humanism.


BTW when I refer to polyester nightmares, I am referring to a particular “sister” that had a wardrobe of ill fitting polyester pantsuits that did her no favors and made her look silly, then she would speak and confirm it. Had this annoying practiced of announcing the priest as “presenter” at our engaged encounter and later when we worked at one. Totally threw me for a loop. Really, when I look at how far some orders have fallen it is frightening, and then the collection comes for their retirement.

another note

In a recent article ,which I can no longer find back, it was stated that the average age of Sisters belonging to the LCWR is 70 or so,  it seems they are dying anyway.

Now some one help me, the same story listed the second largest group that represents sisters, seems to be more orthodox membership, quite  a bit younger and growing, any help?

I do make it a practice when seeing a Sister or group of Sisters in habits to go over and thank them, God Bless then for their dedication and witness to the faith, and the same for a Priest in a cassock, such a sight for sore eyes