if you love Our Lady, and you like to play in the dirt, have I got a project for you: why not start a Mary Garden?

I bought a small house with a big back yard about 18 months ago, and immediately started researching, planning and digging. So far I’ve made a stone walkway leading to a statue of Mary under a huge oak tree, and planted 2 varieties of spiderwort, perennial forget-me-nots, columbine, poppy anemones, ladybells and daylilies, among other things.

 Here is a good place to start investigating which species honor Our Blessed Mother and signify something special about her. And if you Google “Mary Garden Cincinnati,” you’ll  find places like this (which, though listed by U of Dayton’s Marian Library, is an Episcopal Convent) and this. And finally, an article from May 2000 in St. Anthony Messenger,  “Honoring Mary in Your Garden.”