Lets pick some nits,

Attended a first communion at one of the clustered rural parishes last evening,  only three kids. Seems so strange, if you look at these rural parishes history books they used to have between 10 and 15 kids in a class year after year, close to the same number of families today and only 3?

Father is a good priest, retired and helping out in a 5 parish cluster, a product of the 60’s

At the sermon Father did the usual give and take with the communicants, most of the Q and A was good,


Question; when do you receive Holy Communion,

kids, (quietly) the usual mumbling, couldn’t make it out

answer by Father;  at every Mass, you should always take communion every time you attend Mass


no mention of grace or sin or anything

At offertory the communicants being up the gifts  and accompany Father to the altar where they remain to observe at his side,  he holds their hands at the Our Father, then shakes their hands at the sign of peace and sends them to their seats.

It just makes me nuts

Then at the recessional someone had to add a tambourine to the organ


We should be glad we have a Priest, so ends my nit picking for today