Note to the short, bald, forty-something priest who said the words “St. X” or “Jesuit” at least ten times during his five-minute homily at the 5 o’clock Mass tonight:

My son, who listened to your homily, which you curiously delivered from the center aisle instead of the lectern, doesn’t attend St. X, and wouldn’t want to if you paid him $14K a year instead of the other way around.

There are thousands of Catholic boys in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati who don’t attend St. X and, again, don’t want to.

Your frame of reference isn’t his, and he doesn’t need to spend a minute in Mass “reflecting on those whom he has excluded,” when he’s just heard you exclude him.

When you tell him “Catholic means universal” and yet show him that the Church is little more than a local, effeminate club, you make his lips curl, and mine.

It will never, ever be 1985 again. Get over it.