For Ave Maria University in Florida, the issue appears to mainly be about the costs:

Towey said the school’s insurance provider told them that students would be looking at a premium increase ranging from 65 to 82 percent in the coming year if no changes are made.

Why are costs skyrocketing for universities?  Their previous health insurance coverage probably calculated risk for the young, healthier average profile of an American college student.  Men and women of that age don’t need comprehensive insurance; they only need hospitalization and basic wellness coverage, and even the latter would be better handled through high-deductible plans rather than expensive comprehensive coverage.  To meet the requirements of health insurance in ObamaCare, schools will have to buy much more robust coverage than necessary for typically healthy college students, and that means a much higher cost.

That’s what happens when government insists on forcing other people to cover the risk cost of others, even when it’s unnecessary.  That’s not a problem limited to ObamaCare in this administration, but ObamaCare plays a large role in Team Obama’s sales pitch for another term, especially in its Life of Julia.  Michael Ramirez of Investors Business Daily shows the essential freeloading nature of Obamanomics (via Instapundit):

Ramirez is great

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