I wanted to take some time to ruminate  about Fr Amburgers first public Latin Low Mass before posting. So here goes

Fr came out before mass  and explained what was going on and his hope to do this regularly, and to apologize for his slow Latin, “the low mass is usually considered a fast mass but my Latin is still slow”.  He went on to explain the red Latin Mass booklet and how to use it and to point out that a lot of the prayers are similar to the Ordinary form.

My impressions, loved it, the low mass is my favorite, quiet, prayerful, reverent. Fr had no music and I prefer it that way, no attempt at a 4 hymn sandwich, or a choir trying their best, no distractions, just the mass pure and simple. So many Priests could learn from that alone, so much of our ‘worship” is just loud superfluous noise, sound for the sake of sound, trying to be hip when the kids don’t care and know that your not.

The servers were excellent, they knew their parts well, if they did goof we sure didn’t notice. I wish I could take the servers of our local parish to observe, our kids just slouch around and act like their hands are to be covering their crotch or something. When we brought it up to our priest he insisted that if we asked too much of them they would quit, just as long as they show up

The best thing to me was communion, no “extraordinary” anything, just a good priest doing the job correctly, some went to communion and some didn’t, and no one stared at you like you were a freak if you stayed in your pew. Fr used the front pews as the rail is gone, (at least for now)

Approximately forty people were present, not bad for a one off at an odd time, in a smaller rural parish, they ran the gamut, suits, jeans, some mantillas, but no shorts or tee shirts, very nice crowd. My only trouble was after wrecking my right knee last winter and now Aurthur taken residence in the other one, I finally had to do the half kneel, out of practice I guess.

One other observation, the red Latin Mass booklet Fr had in the back of church was nice, one thing really caught my eye, in the introduction was the statement, (I’m paraphrasing cannot quote accurately)  “praying the Mass along with the Priest is FULL PARTICIPATION in the Mass” , no mention of  “ministers” of every exotica dashing around the sanctuary. Could this be what V2 really meant, stop the personal devotions and rosaries during mass and pay attention to the prayers. Could it be that simple and all the “ministers” are just the dispirit of V2

If you are interested about Fr Amburger and St Remy parish just follow the Link                                       St Remy Church.com/

All in all, very nice, I appreciated that Fr’s Latin is slow, I could follow along and pick out were he was on the Latin side even though I know no Latin other than one refrain by rote. I hope that this mass becomes part of the Sunday rotation someday soon,  and that other Priests in the area take notice. Would I go exclusively, cannot say but the serenity is wonderful, and I will attend when my schedule allows, the cows and crops are demanding my stewardship 24/7.   I view working with soil and nature a ministry, there are time I have felt closer to God out in a field of hay or helping a cow have her calf than I have in church