Remember Obama’s  “slip ups” using the phrase freedom of “worship”, not religion, I warned you words mean things, study carefully and take to heart. This mans slip ups are a window into his twisted mind


The Egyptian


Who Wears the Harness? Who Holds its Reins?

05/25/2012 @ 7:30am

From President Obama’s campaign kickoff speech, Columbus, Ohio, May 5, 2012:  ”This country is at its best when we harness the God-given talents of every individual….”

Warning, Americans: For those not raised in farm country, “harness” is more than a verb implying a general, cooperative marshaling of talent.

A harness is a set of fetters strapped to a beast of burden.  Some master at the other end holds the reins that control the beast.  The master uses the harness to make the beast work.  If the beast is obstinate, the master whips the beast, and uses food and water to compel the beast’s passive cooperation.

Analyze this clause, spoken by the president: “…we harness the God-given talents of every individual….”

Who, do you think he means as “we?”

You Democrats out there immediately want to react, thinking that “we” are all of us.  But, Democrat readers, all of us do not have the power to harness anyone or anything.  The masters holding the reins are the people who make, administer, and enforce the laws and regulations.  And they know it.

Who do you think wears this harness, the one our president imagines using?  Remember: this is his word.

Now, imagine a different way of thinking—in which no one presumes either to need the harness, or to have the power to strap anyone into it.  Imagine a country where people chose how they exercised their God-given talents free of the straps, buckles, reins, and whips of the master.

Revise the president’s sentence, and contrast his words with these: “The country is at its best when every citizen lives, works, rests, spends and saves as his conscience and his God guide him.”

And, do not think for a single second that the president’s use of the word “harness” was a mere, inconsequential, careless choice.  Some speech writer selected that word because that is how the speech writer—and the president—think.

I do not want to be “harnessed” by my government to do work that President Obama and his party dictate, reward, punish, regulate, penalize, or tax.

That word chosen by the president speaks volumes about the difference between two ways of thinking about America.