Did anyone go to the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally today?  I see on the SURF website they estimated 2,500 came to the event in Cinti.  They estimated 150 for here in Memphis; my wife and I looked around and thought it might be closer to 200.

The MC was a lobbyist of some sort from Nashville.  Speakers included a Catholic deacon, an Orthodox priest, a lady from a prolife pregnancy center, and a Muslim guy.  All hammered on the First Amendment problems with the HHS/Obamacare mandate.

I had been to prolife public events that involved prayer, and political events where we just listened to speakers.  The people at this “rally” seemed pretty reserved and polite–Southern, really.  Black and white, young and old, men and women, downtown workers and families from the ‘burbs.  A nice crowd, with a half dozen quiet, sign holding counterprotesters (“Birth control is health care”).  50 yards away were 3-4 tents with Occupy Memphis signs–don’t know where the people were.

Overall, very interesting.  I hope somebody gets the message.