Is this what holiness looks like?

Posted just minutes ago by the Associated Press on the Dayton Daily News webpage and sure to hit newspapers and tv/radio reports across the country (unlike the Fortnight of Freedom and various Catholic lawsuits against the Obama Administration which have received no coverage from the MSM), an LCWR-affiliated group known as Network (which was specifically called out for criticism in a recent Vatican-led assessment of the LCWR), has begun a nine state bus tour protest against US House of Representatives’ budget proposals put forward by Catholic US Congressmen Paul Ryan, John Boehner (John Boehner of course a local politician from the AOC) and Steve King.  These protests are as non sequitor and utterly predictable as one can imagine.

Father Michael Amadeo, apologist for Network and pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Des Moines, Iowa said that although the Vatican may have issues with Women Religious, he doesn’t think the protest tour conflicts with church teachings.

“These are Catholic social teachings which we’ve had for decades,” he said. “What they’re trying to highlight both to communities as well as legislators is what our Catholic social teachers are, and they are about not only charity work but asking the tough questions. Why are these people homeless? Why are they in shelters? Why are they on food stamps? Part of our social justice teaching is asking questions about justice.”

Well Father, to answer your questions these people are homeless, in shelters and on food stamps primarily because the federal government has used the New Deal, the Great Society and the other various public policy positions promoted by LCWR/Network to systematically destroy the American family over the past 50 years and lead our nation into bankruptcy.  Poverty in America, for the most part, is self-inflicted and/or government-encouraged.  The positions supported by LCWR/Network will only lead more people into poverty, destroy more families and will continue to drive our nation over the fiscal cliff.   

While these sisters continue their obsession with power and prudential public policy choices, still no word yet from them regarding Our Blessed Lord or moral absolutes. 

That’s right ladies; keep digging yourselves into a deeper and deeper hole.