The bad news is that St. Mark’s Bookstore is going to be moving out of their downtown Dayton location sometime later this year. (123 E. 3rd St, Dayton — the bookstore right across the street from Dayton Church Supply.) It makes me feel very sad. They outlasted the porn shops, but not the more gentrified version of the street… rents must be going up or something.

The good news is that they’ll be moving the stock into their Centerville location (895 S. Main in Centerville, the location that sold Jeff Cavins his first Catechism of the Catholic Church). But it’s smaller than the downtown store.

So the stock they don’t want to move is going to be on sale for half price, and there are already lots of bargain books and so forth for $1.00 or $2.00, and big Bibles for $5.00.  So they’re marking stuff down this week, and the next few weeks should be a big bargain sale. I don’t think they’re closing down and moving before the end of the summer, but you should go shopping there soon if you have any interest (or a kid with important Catholic events coming up).

There’s a full range of stuff there, from things they should be selling in a university bookstore to stuff for the parish, as well as stuff for kids and general Catholic readers. Some of it’s pretty old, some of it is brand new. You can find pretty much all kinds of goods there, too, if you’re not actually looking for the big stuff that Dayton Church Supply carries: Liturgy of the Hours stuff, Rosaries, holy cards, all kinds of everything.

Today a buck got me a copy of The Life of the Brethren (Vitasfratrum, the Augustinian friars one) by Jordan of Saxony (the Augustinian friars one), because it’s a huge trade paperback. (It was one of the ones already marked down.)

So go help yourself and help out the good owners!