I forgot to say that I went over to Wright State University a week ago, and got a good look at the new Catholic chapel (St. John Bosco’s) that’s under construction. They’ve put up most of the outside.

It actually looks better in real life than it did in the architectural drawings, mostly because they’ve retained a huge amount of the trees and woodsy undergrowth around the edges of the site. So the very very straight walls are softened, and the wooden outside blends into the landscape. The woods also screen out the dorms and other surrounding  structures a bit, without actually blocking the view or providing security problems. The trees looked in fairly good shape, not too stressed out by all this crazy weather and by the construction.

The modernist bell tower also looks a lot more attractive than in the drawings, and the university gardens and arbor across the path from the new chapel contribute to making it seem like a little island of peace on the main pathway from all the dorms further back and down the hill.

So yeah, I hope to be pleasantly surprised by how this works out.

(Sorry I’ve got no pictures.)

Here’s the latest post from a blog for the new chapel. Lots of construction pictures, but they’re taken from the west side, the other side of the building from what I was looking at. It looks a lot more bare, naturally, since that’s the side where there wasn’t woods to preserve. I think it was a lot farther along by the time I saw it, though.