I’m not saying that there’s any Vatican message involved with Archbishop Sheen getting judged worthy of public veneration only a few days earlier. Certainly it would lighten anybody’s heart, to get someone in your city so judged.

But as the Curt Jester pointed out, on July 15, Bishop Clark reaches that age when one submits resignation letters to the Vatican. WROC video of Clark. WETM video.

I guess this explains why there were so few stories from Rochester about the Venerable Sheen. There’s only so many stories that local news can choose to cover, one supposes, or that the chancery can manage a press conference for.

In related news, St. John’s Day just saw the resignation of the somewhat-famed pastoral associate, Sr. Joan Sobala, according to the good folks at Cleansing Fire.

Anyway, a brand new day for Rochester is coming. Let’s pray that the Holy Father has some stalwart candidates ready to go.


Your Rochestrian intercession team:

Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, bishop of Rochester

Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos (worked there as an itinerant missionary priest)

St. John Neumann, bishop (worked there as an itinerant missionary priest)