A Kulturkampf primer

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The best-known culture war was fought in 19th Century Germany, pitting Prussia’s Iron Chancellor against the Catholic Church. The Iron Chancellor lost.

” The Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George, has said that “The long-term effect is that the Catholic Church will be stripped of the institutions that are her instruments for public service. We will lose hospitals, we will lose universities.”

Is their alarm justified? Or is all this just huffing and puffing by embittered losers? Only time will tell, but there are precedents for a war between the Catholic Church and a democratic government. The paradigm case is the Kulturkampf – the culture war – waged by the Iron Chancellor of Prussia, Otto von Bismarck, in the 1870s. The differences are obvious — President Obama does not make a habit of wearing spiked Prussian helmets — but there are thought-provoking parallels as well.”


history is repeating itself,

Do we have the intestinal fortitude to win again?

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