It’s been awhile since I poked around the website for Bellarmine Chapel, the quaint little shrine to liturgical abuse and doctrinal dissent on the campus of Cincinnati’s Xavier University. A 90-second perusal did not disappoint. In the “Homily Archive” section, we find Ken Overberg, S.J., first asserting that the author of Mark’s Gospel is unknowable (yet he somehow knows that it was “shaped” by an “economically poor community of Jews and Gentiles”), then imposing his heterodox “Reign of God” theology onto the readings (see this post for a description of this pernicious strain of thought), and then finally revealing the Biblical certainty of … climate change:

What we humans are doing, of course, is using up resources, destroying the environment, and moving toward the unspeakable. While climate change is dismissed by some as political correctness, most scientists affirm its sober reality. The possibility of reaching those tipping points from which we cannot recover is all too real. The unspeakable must be spoken: humanity has the capacity to destroy itself through climate change.

Archbishop Schnurr made a big to-do about the vital importance of youth ministry when he first came here. Two years hence, XU, home to over 6,000 Catholics who fit into that demographic, is the same as it ever was, and talk is still cheap. (Meanwhile, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, in its sole press release for July, announces our seminarians are about to embark upon a youth-seeking “frisbee tour.” God help us.)