From our parish bulletin, this has been bugging me for weeks, required for seminarians, and they want the youth to help, not mine


of the Precious Blood is the Religious Community that staffs
many parishes in our area. Parish Ministry is not the only ministry
that are involved in. Another Ministry that some of the members are
involved in is the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation Center
in Chicago which works in the Back of the Yards. One method that
they use in working with youth is Healing and listening Circles.”


Names deleted to protect the unsuspecting


I don’t claim to be the brightest bulb in the pack but isn’t “Back of Yards” a Saul Alinsky spin off, one of may left wing programs embraced by Bernardin years ago?

Just asking, sometimes I wonder about the leftist stuff the church engages in and then acts shocked,  “shocked I say”,  when the same leftists stab them in the back. Obama has been quoted as saying Bernardin was a friend,  confidant and mentor, now we are praying to stop the same people from kicking us in the %$@#^, how quaint


The Egyptian