Good Mass at the Festival this year. Still had stepdancing to fill time while passing the hat at the offertory, but that part was done fairly solemnly. Other than that, no weirdness and lots of prayerfulness, and a good homily to boot.

Anyway, one of the bands (Finvarra’s Wren from the Detroit area) covered a wonderful song I’d never heard before: “Sister Clarissa” by Michael Smith, from his 1988 album Love Stories. An extremely touching song about parochial school and the teachers who were women religious.

This is by the same guy who wrote “The Dutchman,” but I think it’s clear that this is the superior song. (Possibly even the Mother Superior song.) Anybody who can turn the Baltimore Catechism into a song chorus — with absolutely no mockery or irony, just honest presentation — is a darned good songwriter.

UPDATE: Fixed link.