from our bulletin, the pictures are old ones from 2009, taken with a phone, but still good  enough, the candle light procession after dark with rosary through the winding paths of the woods is a sight and inspiration, totally wonderful, usually draws a big crowd.


FATIMA, USA EVENT—We will be celebrating the Fatima,USA Event. It will take place on Friday, August 10 at 7:30pm at the Spiritual Center (of Maria Stein).   Celebrant for the outdoorMass will be Most Reverend Joseph Binzer, newly ordained Bishop in Cincinnati Diocese. Join us for Mass, a Living Rosary and candle light procession on August 10, at 7:30pm at the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein of Maria Stein. All First Communion students are to wear their First Communicants are invited to participate in the entrance procession. Students are to arrive at a the tent by 7:15pm. Parents are to meet their children after the entrance procession at the main tent to then take their child to sit with them
for the Mass. Bring lawn chairs, flashlight and warm clothing.




sorry it looks so jumbled, cannot get the pictures to cooperate


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