I receive various newsletters from Franciscan Media, (the ever present producer of catechetical material for the Cincinnati archdiocese, formerly known as St. Anthony Messenger Press) some of which carries an imprimatur of the Cincinnati archbishop (such as the newsletter Catholic Update) however most of which is drivel that I have little value or use for.  From today’s “Friar Jack E-spirations”:

There is much in the news these days about the New Evangelization. This E-spiration on the kingdom of God is at the heart of what Evangelization is all about.

According to the prominent theologian, Father Richard P. McBrien, the kingdom of God can be defined as “the redemptive presence of God.” This redemptive (or saving) presence of God is found in everyday personal experiences.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I could have come up with a far different adjective to describe Dick McBrien than “prominent”, perhaps OTRRIT readers can provide some of their adjectives in the comments. (I wonder how Friar Jack would describe Hans Kung??? Esteemed theologian? Well-regarded theologian?)

2. Should I be more worried that in 2012, McBrien is still quoted from approvingly by prominent Catholic clergy in the Cincinnati archdiocese, or the fact that McBrien was given an imprimatur by the archdiocese for a Catholic Update he authored back in 2003 from which the above quote was taken?